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Trump will win and this is why

Trump will win and this is why

            There are more than a few old sayings that are applicable to the current state of this presidential election campaign, e.g., “what goes around comes around,” “turnabout is fair play,” “payback is hell,” etc., and the Democrat Party and its nominee are experiencing the karmic validity of those sayings. In almost every presidential election in my adult life, one held one’s breath waiting for the “October surprise” to be put forth by the Democrats, always with charges that could not be verified or disproved in the time left before Election Day, and always with the intent to damage the election chances of the Republican nominee.

            This year, it is the Democrat nominee who is suffering the effects of an “October surprise,” courtesy of Wiki Leaks and the FBI (however belatedly the Bureau acted). It is especially interesting and appropriate that Hillary Clinton’s campaign should be suffering such a “surprise,” since Hillary and her campaign staff clearly orchestrated the release of the dubious charges of sexual harassment by Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is now the recipient of a major league payback.

            The queen of dirty politics, corruption, mendacity, and malfeasance in office has found, finally, that the bill is coming due for all her past sins. Although I believe that Trump will be elected on November 8th, if I am wrong and Hillary is elected, I fully expect that she will be immediately impeached, convicted, and removed from office. Such an outcome would make Bill and Hillary the first husband and wife to be elected to the presidency, and also the first husband and wife to be impeached. Let us all devoutly pray that our republic will be spared the turmoil and trouble of that outcome.

            Following are the latest in the long list of revelations regarding Clinton’s moral and ethical bankruptcy:

FBI reopens Clinton investigation after more emails found
State Dept. pleads ignorance on new Clinton emails
Clinton Foundation drama: Spying, stealing, ‘hustling’
Clinton team scrambled to change password after hack attempt
Bettors already react to Clinton investigation news, Trump’s odds rise
WikiLeaks shows Clinton hid email scandal from her own staff
Clinton’s State Department spent $5.4 million on ‘crystal stemware’
Fraudbook: Democratic megadonor funding ‘Republicans for Clinton’

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