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On the Meaning of Trump’s Victory

On the Meaning of Trump’s Victory

The pundits were wrong … Trump won.
The news media were wrong … Trump won.
The Republican Party elites were wrong … Trump won.
The political class as a whole was wrong … Trump won.
Foreign leaders were wrong … Trump won.
The American people voted … and Trump won.

The pundits, the news media, the Republican Party elites, the entire political class, and foreign leaders were all wrong, and today, they are all scratching their heads and asking, “Why?”

They were wrong because they made the mistake of thinking the majority of the American people thought the same way and valued the same things they do. They were wrong because they failed to understand that the seeds for these election results were sown with the passage of Obamacare, watered and fertilized by the failure of the Republican Party to live up to its subsequent campaign promises, and ripened by the disdain of the mainstream media for members of the middle class—especially those of us who live in flyover country. They were wrong because they did not realize just how averse the American people are to government interference in their daily lives. And they were wrong because they never understood that the American middle class is tired of being asked to pay for the cost of poor life choices made by others.

If not for the fact that I have long been aware of the arrogance of the pundits, the news media, Republican elites, the political class, and foreign leaders, I would be surprised at their surprise—did they really think referring to us as “deplorables” would get them elected? Did they really believe that referring to Trump’s supporters as illiterate, uneducated, and uncouth was a winning formula?

I noticed during the election coverage that many of the “talking heads” thought to proscribe President-elect Trump’s course of action upon taking office by stating that he needs to reach out to his opposition, act in a bipartisan manner, seek to heal the divisions in the American people, and tone down his rhetoric. To which I can only respond, “B___ S___!”

Did Obama reach out to his opposition after being elected in 2008? No. Instead, he rammed Obamacare through Congress without a single Republican vote. Did Obama act in a bipartisan manner? No. Instead, he refused to negotiate on issue after issue—refused to negotiate spending bills, refused to negotiate budget bills, refused to negotiate on military preparedness, and refused to negotiate any reduction in the size of entitlement programs. Did Obama seek to heal the divisions in the American people? No. Instead, he did everything in his power to divide the American people along racial, class, religious, nationality, and immigrant status lines. Did Obama tone down his rhetoric? No. Instead, he was continuously provocative and demeaning to those who held different views than his. Obama and his supporters and sycophants should expect no better treatment than he and they gave those who held differing views.

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