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Fulfilling Trump’s Campaign Promises

Fulfilling Trump’s Campaign Promises

As expected, the GOPe already has begun its attempt to thwart President-elect Trump’s agenda for the first 100 days of his administration. Also as expected, the mainstream media similarly has begun its campaign to undermine President-elect Trump’s agenda and the terms of his Contract with the American Voter. By themselves, neither of these would be particularly concerning, but taken together with the comments from Trump that seem to indicate he is backtracking on, or modifying, his campaign promises and the terms of his Contract. This is completely unacceptable, and those of us who voted for Trump must do everything we can to ensure that he does not back down from, and does not dilute, his campaign promises and the terms of his Contract with the American Voter.

If doing so requires it, we must be willing to confront the GOPe with massive numbers of e-mails, letters, telephone calls, and office visits letting them know that obstruction of President-elect Trump’s agenda, or failure to enact the terms of his Contract, will result in them paying the highest political price for doing so. This is the best chance we have had in two generations to reverse the course of American decline. We must not squander it. We must not yield, and we must not fail!

It almost goes without saying that we must also do everything we can to ensure that President-elect Trump and the members of his administration do not fall prey to the dishonest, unethical, biased, and meanspirited reporting of the mainstream media. He, and they, must hold fast and not be swayed by wanting to be liked by the press. Doing so would be a fool’s errand, and would accomplish nothing–the mainstream press will NEVER like them. Fortunately, we have a perfect tool with which to offset, defend against, and overcome the efforts of the mainstream media. We have, and are the masters of, social media, and we must be ever ready to employ all components of social media to ensure that our voices are, and will continue to be, heard.

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