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Profiles in Cowardice – Failure of Republican Leadership

In the Congressional Republican leadership, we see Profiles in Cowardice, not Profiles in Courage. Congressional Republican leadership is non-existent; in fact, it is an oxymoron. Republican candidates repeatedly assured the American voter that if Republicans gained a majority in both houses of Congress, and if a Republican was elected President at the same time, Obamacare would be immediately repealed. Not only have Republicans not done so, they did not, and do not, have a plan to do so. 

The mind boggles. What have they been doing since 2010? Clearly, not planning how to govern once elected. Thinking ahead appears to be beyond the scope of their abilities. How very frustrating and sad. Yet, how indicative of the times in which we live.

Every Republican Senator and Representative must face an opponent in the 2018 primaries, and that opponent must win. It is time to remove the cancer of long-serving politicians from the body politic before that disease becomes fatal to our republic.

For more than 30 years, I have been advocating term limits for Senators and Representatives. The current crop of political ne’er-do-wells has become poster children for term limits. Furthermore, it is past time that every Senator and Representative should have to live under the same laws they pass for the rest of the citizenry. There must be no more special benefits–health, retirement, or otherwise–for members of Congress. It is past time for those who serve in elective office to learn that they are the peoples’ servants, not the peoples’ masters.

Is it possible to credibly imagine that Congress itself will ever do anything to correct these problems? In a word–NO! However, do not despair. There are grassroots organizations working hard to implement viable solutions, and with support from the American people, those solutions can and will be implemented.

Among those grassroots organizations are the following:

U.S. Term Limits: Citizen Legislators, Not Career Politicians

Convention of States: The Case for a Convention of States

Additional information regarding the process of amending the Constitution of the United States of America may be found at:

The Heritage Guide to the Constitution: Amendments

In closing, please consider the following quotation from that Guide:

“In his Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, Justice Joseph Story wrote that a government that provides

no means of change, but assumes to be fixed and unalterable, must, after a while, become wholly unsuited to the circumstances of the nation; and it will either degenerate into a despotism, or by the pressure of its inequalities bring on a revolution. [Emphasis added.]…The great principle to be sought is to make the changes practicable, but not too easy; to secure due deliberation, and caution; and to follow experience, rather than to open a way for experiments, suggested by mere speculation or theory.‘”

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